Video Production Business Tips – Be An Expert in Your Niche

Even though I’m highly motivated to be successful in my video production business and pretty passionate about my craft, I’ve noticed a lot lately that I don’t seem to have the same zest for what I’m doing as I did back before the economic meltdown in 2008 and 2009.

On the passion scale of 1 to 100, I’m at about a 78 right now. Before 2008, I registered in at about 999 on the same scale. I loved what I was doing and was very excited about my progress in business at that point in time.

After wondering for months where my passion had gone and what it would take to get it back… it hit me after seeing several likes from clients, prospects and referral partners on one of the self-promotional videos I posted on my company’s social media account earlier this week.

For that split moment, I felt the passion start to rush back into my soul and I stopped what I was doing with the determination to understand what made me feel that way.

In one word… vanity.

Before 2008, I was an absolute rock star in my business community. I was winning awards for entrepreneurship and video production left and right and was being interviewed for newspapers, radio shows, etc. I was even featured in the main cover story of Inc. Magazine on how raising my rates enabled me to quadruple the size of my company in less than two years.

I was definitely partying like a rock star and loved every second of it!

Most of you probably know that I’m not a vain person (at least I hope you feel that way about me.) However, I do believe that in order to be successful in business and in life, you do have to have a level of moxie that most others simply don’t have, a confidence level that’s a few notches above everyone else… that special pep in your step or passion in your voice.

In order to become and stay successful in the video production industry, I believe you have to build that rock star status not only for yourself, but for your customers.

Who’s the Rock Star in Your Niche?

I’m not talking about who you and I think are rock stars in our industry. I’m referring to who your community, customers and referral partners think is the rock star corporate or wedding video producer. What do they do differently than you? How do they get all the attention? How do they dress? How do they market themselves, etc.? If you’ve had the opportunity to see them in action, how do they work on-site? How do they treat customers in tough situations, etc.?

Why You MUST Become a Rock Star

Think about it. We as people love rock stars! We practically worship the ground they walk on and a lot of people are willing to pay insane prices just for the privilege of saying they were at a particular concert.

Rock stars get all the attention and with the attention comes money.

Corporate or wedding clients want to do business with the rock star. If they are going to invest thousands of dollars in something, they want to do it with someone who has already won the respect and love of dozens, hundreds or thousands of other similar customers. They want do business with a star!

The other reason (just as important) to become a rock star in your niche is to keep the fire burning in your soul. When you get attention and recognition for what you are doing day in and day out, it’s easy to keep going until you achieve your goals and dreams.

When people pay attention to you and recognize your brilliance, it feels really good and that feeling carries over into your work, your customer service and your overall brand.

How to Become a Rock Star

In all my years of marketing experience, I’ve learned that three things will make you a rock star faster than anything else.

1. Writing

When you take the time to write blog posts about certain aspects of your niche and share that information with your clients, prospects and referral partners, it immediately positions you as the expert… aka ROCK STAR. It can take a while for your posts to gain momentum but while your content is improving your search engine rankings on major sites like Google, your rock star status is growing steadily at the same time.

Some of you are thinking right now, “But Kris, I’m a terrible writer and I’d never be good at that.” All I can say to that is, I used to be scared to death to write anything someone else might read but I decided one day to become a good writer and 10 years later I’ve developed a skill that helps me generate a lot of money.

You don’t have to write but I highly suggest you start practicing. It’s a skill set that every successful entrepreneur needs to have in my opinion.

2. Recording

Even though I listed this as number 2, I think it’s actually the number 1 way to generate a rock star status in your niche. The same way you can write about particular things in your realm of expertise, you can and should also record videos of yourself giving similar tips. When you produce and distribute videos to your target market via email or social media, people start to recognize you in public places and they start to talk to others about you. I’ve only recently started experimenting with video marketing and the results have been fantastic.

3. Presenting

This is my least favorite strategy for building a rock star status but mainly because I just don’t like to present the same material over and over to different audiences. However, if you build a presentation about something specific in your niche and you present it to several groups over the course of a year, you will definitely become a rock star in record time. I’ve done this before and it worked very well. I choose not to do it now mainly because I’m lazy and I can execute numbers 1 and 2 above from the comfort of my laptop or studio.